Saturday, October 8, 2016

Connecting the Dots

As I skim through my previous blog posts, I realized there were connections between them. The first post was about the economist that was assigned to our name. I made a research about the economist (Abba Lerner) and wrote about his individual works and organizations he worked with in his academic career. The second blog post was about our experience with organizations. The purpose was to think about the organizations we worked in, write about our responsibilities and structure of the organization. The purpose of third post was to write about a moment where we witnessed someone who chose not to act opportunistic when he/she can. In this blog post we questioned ethics and the motivation behind ethical behaviors, which connects with my Illinibucks blog post, as I showed ethical concerns about the allocation of Illinibucks. 

Aside from addressing the prompt, I used economic approach and information about organizations such as their structure and efficiency to connect my blog posts. It was obvious that I had to write about different aspects of organizations. However, as I wrote a few posts I realized that the structure and efficiency of organizations were the themes that dominated my posts, and I tried to focus on these to connect my posts.

I believe that my writing skills and process have evolved since the first blog I posted. The way this class is taught have helped my writings to evolve as I had a better understanding of the themes and subjects after writing each blogpost. The class format is helping students to share their works with each other. The prompts of blog posts make us question the subject in order to actively think about what we are going to write. It is helpful to question the subject and to find a relation between the prompt and theme. I read the blog posts of my classmates to see if anyone has a different idea about the subject, I believe it also improves my writing skills as I gain different points of view with each one. 

If I was writing the prompts for the blog posts, I would include two or three more questions to make students think. It’s easier to come up with a more appropriate answer as the right questions will lead to right answers. My favorite blog post was Illinibucks and I believe the reason for that was because we made up a fictional implementation. I think creativity and imagination are two of the most important elements in learning and the Illinibucks blogpost has both of them. I would also like to see more real world examples in a topic like Illinibucks. I think it would be great if a similar real world example would be given after the Illinibucks blogpost. The problems associated with real implementations or organizations can help us compare the outcome we expected and the real outcome. I like spending more time on questioning rather than writing, and this has been the case for most of the blogposts so far (except the first blogpost). 

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  1. Because you got into doing this late I am not yet seeing as much of a change in your posts from the initial ones. I hope that happens in time. In the meantime I encourage you to keep at this with diligence and see if our overview in class on Tuesday can help you with your blogging, even though the comments I will make there are not really addressed to your posts.